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Calibration Terms

Out of Tolerance Conditions:

If the results are outside of the instrument's performance specifications it is considered an OOT (Out of Tolerance) condition and will result in the need to adjust the instrument back into specification.


Adjusting a measuring instrument to make it more accurate is NOT part of a “Typical” calibration and is frequently referred to as “Optimizing” or “Nominalizing” an instrument. (this is a common misconception) Only reputable and experienced calibration providers should be trusted to make adjustments on critical test equipment.

As Found Data:

The reading of the instrument before it is adjusted.

As Left Data:

The reading of the instrument after adjustment or “Same As Found” if no adjustment was made.

Without Data:

Most calibration labs charge more to provide the certificate with data and will offer a “No-Data” option. In any case, at a minimum the magnitude and the direction of the error must be provided for any OOT condition.

Limited Calibration:

Sometimes certain functions of an instrument may not be needed by the user. It may be more cost effective to have a limited calibration performed (This can even include a reduced accuracy calibration).

TUR - Test Uncertainty Ratio:

The ratio of the accuracy of the instrument under test compared to the accuracy of the reference standard.